gpg-agent and putty/ssh agent bug

Marko Božiković bozho at
Wed Jul 8 10:51:47 CEST 2015

On 08/07/2015 09:10, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> On 07/01/2015 05:07 AM, Marko Božiković wrote:
>> Here we go...
> [...]
>> 2015-06-30 20:28:26 gpg-agent[8912] DBG: chan_0000016C <- ERR 100663404 Card error <SCD>
>> 2015-06-30 20:28:26 gpg-agent[8912] no authentication key for ssh on card: Card error
> It seems that your private keys are on smartcard.  And it seems that
> card reader is not available.
> If you are using smartcard and card reader, please let me know
> specific product name for the reader.


I'm not using a smartcard (yet :)

Maybe gpg-agent thinks I am using a smartcard on the first try and then just
gives up when it doesn't find one?

The second and all subsequent tries work fine until I restart gpg-agent.


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