gpg-2.1.6 scdaemon: cannot disable OpenPGP application

Marek Szuba scriptkiddie at
Wed Jul 8 11:29:48 CEST 2015

On 2015-07-08 10:02, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:

> Since I don't have any experience with SmartCard-HSM, could you please
> let me know how it worked and what version of GnuPG?
Should have made this more clear, sorry. This is the first time I tried
using this card with GnuPG, what I meant is that it had been working
perfectly with other applications (via PKCS#11, PKCS#15 and dedicated
SmartCard-HSM tools).

> It is gpg frontend which submits request "SCD SERIALNO openpgp" (with
> specific apptype=openpgp) to gpg-agent and gpg-agent relays it to
> scdaemon.  The code is there since 2009.
I see. In other words, even though scdaemon does support this type of
card now gpg itself (I've just tried gpgsm, I've got no X.509
certificates on that card but at least no errors appear) still requires
an OpenPGP SmartCard?


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