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On 18.07.15 17:21, Philip Neukom wrote:
> I put "secure" in quotes as they talk about a "proprietary" encryption
> algorithm.  As soon as I read "proprietary", I have to roll my eyes as I
> don't necessarily trust encryption if it isn't open for everyone to verify.

Pretty much.

> Is this similar to what has been discussed as a potential use or service
> by GnuPG?  The service isn't seamless but perhaps would make sense as an
> offering by GnuPG/Werner?

No. There is a standard called OpenPGP already and this service is not
relevant in any way.

See the how it works page[1]. They can't and don't change how email,
i.e. SMTP works. They just send the receiver a link to their web service
and both their client and recipient use a browser to do their
"emailing". The world is full of services like that.

GnuPG and other OpenPGP compliant software sign and / or encrypt the
/contents of email/.

[1]: http://e-courier.ca/howitworks.html


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