Installing GnuPG 2.1.4 in Debian Experimental

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Wed Jun 10 21:27:10 CEST 2015

On Sun 2015-06-07 19:04:33 -0400, Rex Kneisley wrote:
>                         root at debian-rig:/home/rexk# apt-get install -t
>                         experimental gnupg2 gnupg-agent dirmngr gpgsm
>                         gpgv2 scdaemon
>                         Reading package lists... Done
>                         Building dependency tree       
>                         Reading state information... Done
>                         Some packages could not be installed. This may
>                         mean that you have
>                         requested an impossible situation or if you are
>                         using the unstable
>                         distribution that some required packages have
>                         not yet been created
>                         or been moved out of Incoming.
>                         The following information may help to resolve
>                         the situation:
>                         The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>                          dirmngr : Depends: libassuan0 (>= 2.2.0) but
>                         2.1.2-2 is to be installed
>                          gnupg-agent : Depends: libassuan0 (>= 2.2.0)
>                         but 2.1.2-2 is to be installed
>                          scdaemon : Depends: libassuan0 (>= 2.2.0) but
>                         2.1.2-2 is to be installed
>                         E: Unable to correct problems, you have held
>                         broken packages.

So this is a dependency issue: jessie is debian stable, but gnupg2 is
built against unstable, which has changed since jessie was released.

In particular, gpg-agent, dirmngr, and scdaemon all use
assuan_sock_set_sockaddr_un() if available, which was only introduced in
assuan 2.2.0, which is only available since assuan 2.1.4; jessie only
has 2.1.2.

This can be addressed for jessie in one of two ways:

 0) we can create a backport for more a modern version of libassuan,
    which should allow installation of the experimental package directly

 1) we can create a backport for gnupg 2.1.x direclty, using jessie's
    version of libassuan.

approach (1) won't work right now because jessie-backports only allows
packages that are already in testing, and 2.1.x is only in experimental.

I'm cc'ing the pkg-gnupg-maint team in debian to see whether Eric
Dorland (the team member who has been most responsible for assuan in
debian) thinks there are any problems with approach (0).  If not, maybe
he'd be up for maintaining a jessie-backports version of the more recent
libassuan, which should let all debian jessie users install gnupg2 2.1.x
from experimental.


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