gpg-agent unable to see yubikey until manually re-running `gpg --card-status`

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Jun 19 03:10:02 CEST 2015


Thank you for more information.

On 06/19/2015 06:57 AM, Lance R. Vick wrote:
> Another example I just had happen:
> 1. start gpg-agent
> 2. populate SSH_AUTH_SOCK
> 3. ssh successfully
> 4. remove yubikey
> 5. insert yubikey
> 6. attempt to ssh -> "Permission Denied (Publickey)"
> 7. `gpg --card status` -> "no card present"
> 8. `gpg --card status` -> "no card present"
> 9. `gpg --card status` -> "no card present"
> 11. (...etc. it refused to come back this time)
> 12. killall gpg-agent
> 13. `gpg --card status` (again) -> Got usual card output
> 14. ssh successfully again

This is not reproducible here.  The second SSH (#6) just works.

My environment is GnuPG 2.1.5 on Debian GNU/Linux, and I use in-stock
CCID driver (I don't install PC/SC service).

Please let me know if you have PC/SC service or not.  If yes, could
you please let me know the version of pcscd and libccid (if you are
using GNU system or Mac OS).

Are there any other programs which might access Yubikey?  Or, do you
have multiple gpg-agent(s) / scdaemon(s), by chance, when you get such
an error?

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