Decrypting PGP/MIME on the command line

René Puls rpuls at
Sun Mar 1 15:32:25 CET 2015


is there a command line utility that takes a PGP/MIME encrypted message
(a plain RFC 2822 text file) and outputs an unencrypted copy? The
secret key is available and GnuPG is configured correctly. It is okay
if the process is somewhat lossy; signatures or attachments do not need
to be preserved, although I would not mind that either. :-)

Background: I would like to decrypt e-mails permanently for archiving
and searching, and run this utility over hundreds of e-mails in a
single batch.

Alternatively, if there is a way to permanently decrypt an e-mail in
Claws Mail, that would help me as well. It seems that Enigmail has such
a feature[1] (or will have it soon), but I have not found anything
similar for Claws Mail and would prefer a general-purpose utility which
I can just run as a filter, independent of my e-mail client.



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