strength of voice authentication [was: Re: German ct magazine postulates death of pgp encryption]

Johan Wevers johanw at
Mon Mar 2 22:24:45 CET 2015

On 01-03-2015 22:01, flapflap wrote:

> Just think about the "grandchild trick" ([0], unfortunately not in
> English) which is a method where the criminals phone (often elder)
> people and tell them that they are a grandchild, nephew, or other remote
> relative and need some money for some reason

Ah yes, but then, with such methods a number of failures are to be
expected and the scammers don't care as long as a certain percentage is
fooled. When using this trick to fool someone into telling confidentuial
things it is very uncertain. For once, I've never heard of the police
trying something like this to obtain confessions or information: the
chance of failure in an indivicual case are too big.

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