gpgme and Java (was: Thoughts on GnuPG and automation)

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Mar 4 09:58:28 CET 2015

On Wed,  4 Mar 2015 00:57, hans at said:

> thread at this point.  The bizarre Java wrapper of GPGME was not the
> biggest part of the problem of the GnuPG-for-Android port, but it was
> nonetheless a real problem.  Sure it is possible to use GPGME with

You mean Stefan's decade old Java binding?  Well, there was not much
interest in it for years and if there is now a need for a proper Java
binding, it should be done.

> Java, but it is not good, and ill-fitting APIs make for bad software,
> which in turn often leads to bad security.  It also took a lot of

Please describe the problems you have with the API so that we actually
have something to talk about. 



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