Thoughts on GnuPG and automation

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Mar 4 11:36:25 CET 2015

On Wed,  4 Mar 2015 10:50, rjh at said:
>> I don't known for sure about encrypted mail but it is known that 
>> https connection information is recorded and stored for future 
>> attacks:
> Perhaps.  Plausible, even, given storage requirements for connection
> information.  But storing traffic, when 99.999999% of it is good --
> that's ridiculous.

That has not been said.  From my understanding the FLYING PIG thing is
about extracting information from all gathered TLS handshakes.  This
shall either be used as a tool to decrypt suspicious connections or to
research weaknesses in TLS.  The authors of the article should be able
to explain that more in terms we understand - shall I ask them?

> That's no way to live.  When people feel like they're under siege they
> act like they're under siege.  Personal relationships fray.  People stop
> trusting each other.  Happiness plummets.  Suffering increases.

I fully agree with you on that.



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