where can one find an official gnupg project statement on the state of sub project?

Paulo Lopes paulo at mlopes.net
Wed Mar 4 20:14:14 CET 2015


I am a active use of gnupg and gnupg smart card, and unfortunately my OSS
contributions are to other projects where I do have more experience so I totally
understand any reply to my question.

Currently I use:

* gnupg
* gnupg2
* poldi

And did use:

* scute

It turns out that gnupg and gnupg2 are live and kicking, however the other 2
projects seem to be dorment for long time without any updates.

I do use poldi as a pam because it allows me to setup SUDO not using the sudoers
file but using my gnupg card. Now until recently I've been mostly developing in
Debian and Ubuntu but more recently I needed to upgrade my development
environments to Fedora and openSUSE. In these 2 distros there is no official
packages for poldi. After a quick search on google it turns out that poldi has
been removed in the latest openSUSE  releases and fedora has no maintainer for

Maybe the reason for dropping poldi was due to build issues that have already
been fixed on git master? master was updated 9 months ago but the latest release
0.4.1 is 6 years old. Same for scute however i did stop using it.

Now that there seems to be some extra momentum in the project with the amazing
funding campaign, what are the plans for the sub projects?

And in the case that poldi is not going to be develop, are there any recommended


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