Enigmail speed geeking

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Fri Mar 13 15:22:20 CET 2015

I interpreted Dougs message as saying that a disadvantage of 
smartcards, as opposed to on-disk keys, is that you lose the key when 
the smartcard stops functioning. I was replying to this statement by 

> Further, the inconvenience of having to deal with generating and 
> socializing a new key if your smart card gets lost, becomes inoperable, 
> etc. is way too high a cost for near-zero benefit.

So I say: you should use backups, duh.

The fact that you /can/ use a smartcard without a backup, which as you 
say can be advantageous, by no means implies that you /cannot/ keep a 
backup. This is what I was saying.



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