SKS Keyserver, HKPS, and GnuPG 2.1

Samir Nassar samir at
Wed Mar 18 15:54:43 CET 2015


I originally posted this on the sks-devel mailing list, but after thinking 
about it, I believe this might be something I am doing wrong on the GnuPG 

I set up a keyserver at

What I have done so far:

Installed sks (1.1.5) from wheezy-backports

SKS is behind a nginx reverse proxy using the instructions from:

I can access SKS on the web through:

When I access the keyserver through:

gpg-connect-agent --verbose --dirmngr 'keyserver' 'ks_get 1e42b367' /bye things work.

WHen I try the following:

gpg-connect-agent --verbose --dirmngr 'keyserver' 'ks_get 1e42b367' /bye

gpg-connect-agent --verbose --dirmngr 'keyserver' 'ks_get 1e42b367' /bye

gpg-connect-agent --verbose --dirmngr 'keyserver 
hkps://' 'ks_get 1e42b367' /bye

I get the following error: ERR 1 General error <Unspecified source>

dirmngr.conf contains:

hkp-cacert /home/snassar/.gnupg/

Any pointers would be lovely.

PGP Fingerprint: 19AE 0BC4 7DA8 4683 3AB6 9A53 69A7 5542 488B 4A1A
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