New "Everyman's software" from CeBIT in Germany

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On 19/03/15 22:32, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Thursday 19 March 2015 09:18:03 Thomas F. Ruddy wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I'd be interested in hearing Werner Koch's take on this recent
>> innovation. Werner, you speak German:
>> A new "Everyman's software" featuring certification, key servers,
>> currently Windows only (Linux planned),
>> Said to be Open Source in this news-story,
>> .18505017
> Both links do not provide technical details. They talk about two things 
> provided by their solution: A central PKI and some end-user-friendly software 
> for certificate creation which automagically adds the certificate to the 
> user's software (email client, browser, other software).
> I don't see any indication for a new crypto-standard. So their solution will 
> either uses S/MIME or OpenPGP. I suspect it will be S/MIME because more 
> software supports S/MIME out-of-the-box. ... I guessed correctly. It's based 
> on S/MIME:
> Moreover, at first one will have to use the eID feature of the new German 
> personal identification card for requesting the certification of one's 
> certificate.
> (also in German)
> Another crypto project is shown at CeBIT. It's also based on the eID feature.
> Governikus (developed for the German BSI) offers web application for 
> certifying one's OpenPGP key with one's personal identification card. So it's 
> basically key certification by the German government (for German citizen's 
> only).
> Both services appear to be restricted to Germany.
> Regards,
> Ingo
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Well if it's Windoz - then Microsoft are lurking in the woodwork - and that smells like very
bad news. Microsoft are never into free as in a free beer - Microsoft are into tying people
in to their software. End-user friendly software? Yeah right - whatever Microsoft does -
it's primary objective is to make more money - and does not give a shit about end-user
security. It's just another ploy to get users to give up Linux - or move to a Linux that
they control - and we have all seen how they play tricks over the years.

We have the whole house for free - that may still erk those that do not support free
software - and free encryption.


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