PGP/MIME (Was: One alternative to SMTP for email: Confidant Mail)

Samir Nassar samir at
Wed Mar 25 21:56:56 CET 2015

On Wednesday, March 25, 2015 12:41:56 PM Doug Barton wrote:
> On 3/25/15 11:08 AM, Bob (Robert) Cavanaugh wrote:
> > Doug,
> > Signature shows as an attachment "signature.asc". No evidence that PGP
> > actions were envoked. Work forces use of Synaptic PGP, so I cannot tell
> > if it is verified or not.

Most likely Bob is talking about Symantec PGP which works with MS Outlook.

> Thanks Bob, that is interesting feedback.

This is not new information. If "Synaptic PGP" is indeed Symantec PGP and 
we're talking about Outlook then indeed MS Outlook does not understand 

So yes, we have an extremely outdated mail client manufacturer that is 
unwilling to accomodate PGP/MIME. Users of that mail client have a problem 
with PGP/MIME. Almost no-one else; Thunderbird, KMail2, mutt, even Roundcube, 
the web-based IMAP client, gives a useful message on facing PGP/MIME saying 
something like: This message is encrypted and can't be viewed.

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