PGP/MIME (Was: One alternative to SMTP for email: Confidant Mail)

Xavier Maillard xavier at
Thu Mar 26 06:44:09 CET 2015

Doug Barton <dougb at> writes:

> On 3/25/15 11:08 AM, Bob (Robert) Cavanaugh wrote:
>> Doug,
>> Signature shows as an attachment "signature.asc". No evidence that PGP actions were envoked. Work forces use of Synaptic PGP, so I cannot tell if it is verified or not.
> Thanks Bob, that is interesting feedback.
> FWIW, I have received various other messages privately from people who
> have said the same thing ... They can see the attachment, but either
> message verification fails, or there is no indication on their side that
> it is a PGP-signed message at all.

I thought your signature was a joke :)

-- Xavier.

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