Enabling and using ECC keys (any reason not to?)

Mike Ingle mike at confidantmail.org
Thu Mar 26 09:59:53 CET 2015

The current version of Confidant Mail for Windows includes GPG 1.4.19. 
However, the code is written to support version 2.1 and ECC keys. If you 
point it to GPG 2.1, it will let GPG handle passphrases, and will let 
you create and rotate ECC keys.

Is there any reason not to start using them? I have been reluctant to 
bundle version 2.1, because once people start using ECC keys, using 
version 2.1 becomes mandatory. GPG makes you ask very nicely 
(--full-gen-key --expert) to get an ECC key. Is this just a backward 
compatibility thing, or is the security of ECC keys not fully trusted yet?

I want to enable them, but not until it's safe.


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