PGP/MIME (Was: One alternative to SMTP for email: Confidant Mail)

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Thu Mar 26 18:20:58 CET 2015

On 26.03.15 18:17, Brian Minton wrote:
> I think gmail is the single most popular email client, with 500 million
> users.

There are about 7,3 billion people out there that don't have a clue what
OpenPGP is.

> I think that until there is a way to verify pgp signatures from
> within gmail, pgp/mime will continue to show up as an attachment.

Why should it? At least for non-Gmail users as well as Gmail users not
using *webmail*.

> There are ways to use pgp/mime or inline pgp with gmail, but nothing
> great.  I'm hopeful for google's end to end, and I currently use
> mailvelope, but as far as I know, neither of those options supports

Yeah… so? Not all email users are GMail users. Not all GMail users use
the /webmail/ interface. There are a lot of GMail and other /webmail/
users out there but *we really need to stop letting that drag us down*.
Those /webmail/ operators need to get their shit together and start
playing by the rules. It's not our job to do theirs for them.

And until OpenPGP breaks out even of the single digits coverage I really
don't think we should worry about every single use case. Those who care
for OpenPGP can very easily just use something other than webmail.

I just did a test across accounts sending from Thunderbird + Enigmail.
Sure, GMail /webmail/ shows the attachment. In Thunderbird over IMAP the
emails are just fine; "Good signature" and no attachments. Now Google
just needs to go and get their platform up to speed on PGP/MIME.


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