One alternative to SMTP for email: Confidant Mail

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> The intro page on your website says "SMTP-compatible address format:
> keep your existing email address". Have you checked whether google (or
> any other email provider) might have something to say about using
> addresses at their email domain name on a completely unrelated
> service?

From the bit of testing I did with it, it seems the "email address" is
merely used as a user identifier. The domain is irrelevant. You could
use nobody at and it would still work. The email
address doesn't actually have to exist.

> And does the Confidant Mail setup do any sort of challenge/response
> over SMTP to check the user controls the email address they are
> duplicating as a Confidant Mail address?

I don't think it does since the email address you use is in no way tied
to the actual address. It is linked to the AUTH code generated by the
server during user setup and that's about all. I used this e-mail
address during the server/client setup test and I never received
anything from the Confidant server I set up. From what I gathered
reading through the docs, the Confidant protocol doesn't use domain
names as identifiers, but each user has a specific identifier. The email
address is just a more human readable way of referring to their
identifier on the server. I could be wrong though and I'm sure Mike can
explain it better.


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