Multiple Smartcards - Signing

Werner Koch wk at
Sun May 3 17:29:39 CEST 2015

On Sat,  2 May 2015 18:29, matt at said:

> smartcard. This doesn't appear to be the case, however I may have broken it by
> getting fancy: I moved my .key files to <alg><bits>-CAPS-8charkeyid-comment
> (e.g. rsa2048-E-DDEC74FE-revoked) and then symlinked <keygrip>.key.

Better don't do that.  That may break on when changing the passphrase.

> This is because sometimes I lose track of fingerprint <-> keygrip. It would be
> nice if --list-packets <keygrip>.key or some such listed info about the key...

At least for ssh keys this is easy:

  $ gpg-connect-agent 'keyinfo --ssh-fpr CFC82DE2AB8BD267A2C575F7553793ACE27AE54A' /bye
  S KEYINFO CFC82DE2AB8BD267A2C575F7553793ACE27AE54A D - - - P bd:50:eb:d0:8b:17:3d:78:36:44:e4:68:cc:8a:1f:1d - -

OpenPGP fingerprints are not available because the original goal was to
keep gpg-agent clear of protocol specific stuff.  However, given that we
already have ssh fingerprints (and OpenPGP import code), there is no
valid excuse for not adding v4 OpenPGP fingerprints here or in gpg.



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