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U cheated, u lied, u manipulated me, u destroyed my credit the apartment , my life ur beautiful daughter that's so happy and just loves for us all to be together, ur stepson now can not get a birthday gift because I do not know how I will be able to pay rent or other bills or food , we can not even afford another apartment, what U have done was so cold as if we just all met, then u lied repeatedly too u were blue in the face denying u had a girlfriend and denied that all those things I said weren't true BUT THEY WERE. The planning u did the roll u played was as if u believed ur own lies and no one I mean no one would ever understand what u did to me and the kids. It wasn't something that a normal adult would do. Well let's go on then u developed a pretty dependent habit but u were after years later still not wanting to do anything for urself but u expected and wanted whenever u asked. U took took took u ran me dry then u moved on as if we didn't exsist but the crazy thing is u played a role as if u were this nice guy that did so much for me and with the kids but in fact u did not u verbally tortured me for hours with name calling and ur gossip talk about ur co workers ALL OF THEN!!!! I did so much more than what u have me credit for, and the blaming all ur mistakes on me daily cuz jason Boyer does no wrong. 
I'm gonna say I was warned my many people in which some had proof about ur problem. But I said he was young and gave u the benefit of doubt haha And then wow I mean WOW what I just lived more do past few months since u met girlfriend was by far the strangest behavior I have ever seen, I seen on jerry springer and all but never did I ever think that an individual would do something like this to his girl and family intentional. Oh yes hard to believe but believe it cuz he won't stop trying to destroye as if I was the one cheating but I wasn't but he's treating his family mostly myself as if I committed this horrible horrible crime that affected him in a way that he is so messed up now. But nooooo everyone that indeed is not true ither this is the strangest behavior I have ever witness. He played the role of the good guy and the one who loved me sooo much and did everything w kids and his family but no no
None of that is true especially since he met his sugar mama it was total ignore the kids day after day as well as the verbal abuse got worse and worse 

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