Ohhhh jeeee: can't encode a 512 bit MD into a 608 bits frame

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Wed May 27 15:24:10 CEST 2015

On 27/05/15 15:05, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> It was done soon after 2.0.22.  I think that 2.0.23 or later doesn't
> have this issue.  The signature check is just skipped as unknown algo.

One of the problems with using linux distribution packages.  The latest for
Ubuntu 1404 is 2.0.22-3ubuntu1.3 which I have.  Ubuntu 1404 is the current
LongTermSupport version.

One of the standard advice replies given on this list is to stick to the
official packages but these move like the wheels of eternity.

Ubuntu's latest active development version is Wily Werewolf and that will have
2.0.26 - so it might take a decade or so before gnupg2.1.xxx gets into the loop.


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