error computing keygrip

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Thu May 28 12:44:08 CEST 2015

Using gnupg 2.1.3 on an old portable with Debian Jessie.

gpg -K lists all private keys
gpg2 -K lists all private keys and follows this with eight identical lines of

"gpg: error computing keygrip"

'gpg2 -K myname'  lists all private keys without any error messages

gpg2 --with-keygrip -K  lists all private keys with their keygrips followed by
the 8 lines of error messages.

Again, qualifying the command line instruction by adding the username at the end
gets the keygrips printed without the error messages.

So it doesn't look like gnupg has any real problem with the computation of keygrips.

I fear I may have done something which introduced this error when I decided to
test the use of my smartcard on the portable.  I removed the secring and pubring
and the files which indicated that 2.1.3 had already carried out the migration.

I copied across from my desktop machine the secring with the smartcard stubs, an
updated pubring and updated trustdb and then set 2.1.3 going again.  The
smartcard seems to work fine on the portable. And so does 2.1.3 except for the
'error calculating keygrip' messages under restricted circumstances.

Any ideas about what might have gone wrong and why adding the username gets the
same job done without any error messages ?


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