PGP people said "I will only trust people I've had a beer with."

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Thu Nov 19 16:06:50 CET 2015

This is a great conversation in general, including the inventors of the web
and the internet, pushing for more crypto

Vint: I would like to challenge people who are concerned about there some irreducible level of inconvenience that's needed

timbl: The level of convenience has also gone up so much.
... In a way, security has to be in everything. Everything you code or
write in a spec can be exploited.
... the cool thing as you pointed out implicitly about RSA.....
... public key technology was a massive change.
... that has been very exciting
... I've been frustrated that we've not been able to live up to the
potential of RSA
... people have said it didn't take off due to patents
... but you could also say it wasn't the technology piece, but rather the
social aspect
... the PGP people said "I will only trust people I've had a beer with."
... you have a key-signing party ... and you can create a trusted
... you had another social attitude which was that the world would have
trust imposed upon them by world bodies
... these social structures came into conflict
... if you look at the security situation, one implication of moving from
the Web to the social web
... is that we may be able to produce social protocols that will enable us
to connect to each other or friend each other
... using standard protocols in a compatible way, and once we've done that
we may realize "oh, we've all got public keys"
... so the keys could come to us through social graph, and we learn to
create user interfaces that let us vouch for each others in different ways
... so we could fulfill the promise of powerful crypto
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