gpg-agent prompt slow to show up

Charlie Brown stieizc.33 at
Fri Nov 27 16:40:38 CET 2015

> First, how did you install GnuPG?  What OS / distribution are you
> using?  What configuration options are you using (gpg-agent.conf and
> gpg.conf)?

Sorry for the lack of information. I'm on Debian unstable, and
installed GnuPG using apt-get.
keyserver hkp://
default-cache-ttl 7200
And (again) the version of gpg components:
gpg-agent  2.1.9
libgcrypt    1.6.4
gpg           1.4.19
gpg           2 2.1.9

Wenxin Wang
Department of Electronic Engineering,
Tsinghua University,
Beijing 100084, P. R. China
Email:wangwx12 at

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