Seperate Session Key and Encrypted Data

Anthony Papillion anthony at
Thu Oct 1 17:09:32 CEST 2015


On October 1, 2015 9:38:13 AM CDT, Christian Loehle <cloehle at> wrote:
>I want to use gpg to encrypt a potentially large file to some
>(cloud-like) storage provider, the recipients are not known at the time
>of uploading.
>What I want to do is to send the encrypted session key of the file to a
>recipient, when I 'add' them, without re-uploading or even touching the
>original (encrypted) file.
>This should be possible, does anyone know how to? I'm also open to

Is there any reason why you can't just symmetrically encrypt it then send an encrypted message to them with the passphrase using their PGP key? 

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