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> So please put in the missing information yourself, or someone or post
> them on my discussion page or via e-mail (I would appreciate an easy

The license is GNU LGPL v2.1+.  Only the manual is under the GPL v2+.

The current released version is 1.6.4 with these features not yet shown
on the wiki:

* Key Generation and Exchange

  - EDH yes (*) using the lower level interface.
  - NTRU no
  - DSS yes

* Public Key Cryptography Standards

  - PKCS#1 yes
  - all others no (*) done by different libraries/tools

* Hash Algorithms

  - MD2 yes
* MAC Algorithms

  - HMAC-SHA1 yes
  - HMAC-SHA2 yes
  - POLY1305-AES no 

* Block Ciphers

  You may put a Yes into each clumn

* Stream Ciphers

  - RC4 yes

* Hardware Assisted Support

  - Intel AES-NI: yes
  - VIA Padlock: yes

* Code Size

  How has this been measured??

* Portability

  - All 32 bit and 64 bit Unix systems, Windows 32 bit,  Windows CE

Isn't it a bit strange that OpenSSL is missing on the page?
I do not think that the listing is really useful becuase it mixes too
much things, protocol things like PKCS#5,#8,#12 should not be considered
part of a crypto library.  If you want that you need to add more thinsg,
for example SSH and TLS.

Thanks for adding some stuff about Libgcrypt.




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