Smartcard hotplug gpg-agent refresh/reload

Marc Mercer mmercer at
Fri Oct 30 00:25:40 CET 2015

Hello folks,
I am hoping that someone out there knows what needs to be done to enable
the hotplug support of gpg-agent.


We run gpg-agent with ssh-support enabled, and use yubikeys/nitrokeys with
pgp smartcards to provide rsa authentication to servers.

On OSX, you can configure your gpg-agent, setup the ttls, etc... You can
unplug the smartcard, and of course the information is all cleared... When
you re-insert it, the card is reloaded automatically (without having to
kill and restart the gpg-agent).

On Fedora (22) when I attempt to do this, it never reloads, and I am forced
to kill the existing gpg-agent and spawn a new one.

Now, I realize that osx is still using gpg2-2.0 while Fedora (22) is using
gpg2-2.1, but I would expect there is a setting that can be exposed/set
somewhere that would allow the gpg-agent to reload dynamically since these
devices *should* be hotplug friendly.

Look forward to hearing back from those of you more familiar with this than


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