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Sat Sep 19 10:08:01 CEST 2015

On 9/17/2015 7:59 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> This is all great work, Antony!  We'd be happy to include it in our repo.
> We've basically only used gnupg-for-java in our Android app GnuPG for Android,
> so it is not so polished on desktop, as you saw.
> .hc

After poking around a bit, I decided to quit messing with the test suite
methods and actually try some of the regular methods of the library.
That functionality seems to work as expected. It was only a short test
where I had it list UIDs and e-mails given the key ID, but it worked.
This was using gnupg 2.1.8 (using libgcrypt 1.7 beta 261 I think), gpgme
1.6.0, the library files generated by Travis and hosted on the ftp
server[1], and run on XUbuntu 14.04 x64. The test method I mentioned
before may have failed since, from what I can tell, gnupg 2.1.8 doesn't
support the ELG-E key type unless I was missing something, which is very
likely. I haven't really made any significant changes to the repo[2]
other than adding the files necessary to execute the Travis builds[3]
and modifying the maven build to generate the source jars to allow
easier debugging and source viewing in Eclipse. I'll keep playing around
with it and keep everyone informed of any significant observations or

I've also signed all the files on the ftp server with the key used to
sign this email. They have their checksums available as well and the
checksums are echoed to the terminal during the Travis build in case
anyone wants to verify that the hosted files are genuinely the ones
created from the source by Travis.



Antony Prince

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