Non-interactive PIN not accepted, gpg hangs

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Sep 30 16:10:36 CEST 2015

On 30/09/15 15:37, Laurent Blume wrote:
> Ultimately, a lot will depend on that, LUKS volumes, file encryption
> before transfer (GPG and SMIME), Apache secret keys (I've not dared yet
> think about that one), maybe some others if the PCI auditor feels like it.

Yes. I have no experience in highly available services, let alone GnuPG in one.
I'm just an enthousiast. I don't know if an OpenPGP Card is suitable (yet?) for
situations where it is critical it always works. Since I upgraded to 2.1 on my
laptop, I sometimes encounter issues right after plugging in my USB smartcard
reader, which I solve by replugging. It could be that it's all rock solid when
you always have it plugged in, or it could be that it sometimes stumbles and
requires maintenance. That situation is not critical in personal use. "Have you
tried turning it off and on again?". In your case, it might very well be critical.

Like with a smartcard or RFID for access control. If the door doesn't open, you
just try again. It's not a major issue if sometimes the card doesn't work on
first use, and in practice, they don't always work on first use. Just watch out
you don't run into the door because you expected it to open. Been there, done
that :).

> My impression is that there are no middle-ground options between the
> cheap, personal use device and the super-expensive brick.

You could be right, I don't know. I think it would certainly be useful if there
was something in between.



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