How to get your first key signed

David Niklas doark at
Wed Sep 30 19:17:17 CEST 2015

I create for myself a gpg key and want to get it signed, however I've
sent out half a dozen requests and so far I've gotten only negative
responses to the effect that I must know so-and-so and we must met in
person (considering that the person responds at all).
Now, I'm a student (think penny less), and live in a rural area 100mi
from the nearest LUG and people out here are _very_ computer illiterate
to the point where educated people think that turning a computer off
will damage it, or that the computer loses power (1GHz becomes .2GHZ),
as it grows older. So no one has a key, at all. And they would not want
to help create a web of trust even if I asked and explained it to them.
They just don't believe in security around here (Oh, that would never
happen to me! There are laws against that! You are a security freak.)

I want to develop FOSS and feel obligated to get a key to protect uses
of the software I'm modifying from MITM attacks.

Thanks, David
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