How to interprete the output of --export-ownertrust?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Mon Apr 4 10:58:20 CEST 2016

On 03/04/16 13:56, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> Also, when you start a new topic, could you please post a fresh new
> message to the mailing list, instead of replying to an unrelated post?

Two people mailed me to say they didn't think this had happened
(thanks!). They are right; sorry for my mistake.

For some unknown reason, /my/ mail reader thought it would be a good
idea to mix the threads, it was not Christine who did this. I have no
idea why, it's an odd bug. You can see what it looks like for me[1]. I
totally did not expect the problem to be on my side, but the mail was
clearly posted correctly. Again, my apologies to Christine.




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