Help needed

Johannes Burk me at
Sun Apr 24 19:14:10 CEST 2016

> 1) When I open a new email message window, I see a green box in the upper right hand corner which is labeled “OpenPGP”. Is that right?
> 2) Should I be able to toggle GPG on and off;

Yes, the green box in the upper right of the new message window indicates that the GPGTools are integrated into Mail app.
In addition there are to buttons on the right in the subject row. The left one (open/closed lock) indicates if the mail is going to be encrypted and the other one if the message will be signed.

> 3) I composed a short Test message to send to myself. In order to Encrypt it, I selected the text, went to Services and selected Encrypt. That gave me the encrypted code in a new window. It seemed to me that I then had to select that text, copy and then paste it into the new message.  There has to be a simpler way to perform these functions? What are they?

It should not be necessary to encrypt the message manually as you described. If you compose a message to a recipient for which you have a trusted key in your keychain the message should automatically become encrypted, indicated by the button described above.

> 5) Even if I do not Encrypt the outgoing message, I get a window asking for my Passphrase. In the older PGP version, I had the option to cache the Passphrase so I did not have to enter it every time. How do I simplify this function?

By default GPGTools signs all outgoing messages. Therefor GPG asks for your password because it needs your private key to sign the message.

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