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Paul R. Ramer free10pro at
Sun Apr 24 22:19:27 CEST 2016

On 04/24/2016 10:59 AM, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> As for the OP's other questions, I can't answer them very well because I
> don't know MacOS, but I can give you advice: could you please indicate
> what software you are using? What mail client, what other GnuPG-related
> software? You say you compose a mail, and you select Services from
> somewhere. This seems /really/ little to go on if we don't know in what
> program you compose a mail and where this Services comes from (it might
> be that same mail application, I don't know).

He is using Apple's default client called "Mail".  GPGTools provides a
plug-in for Mail.

What he means by Services is the Services menu.  It can be accessed by a
right-click or by accessing Mac OS X's menu bar.  Services is an cool
"Mac thing" that allows programs to integrate with each other (however,
there may be analogs in other systems that I am not thinking about).  It
is kind of like plug-ins that you can access in any program.

For example in this case, the user could be using a GUI text editor. The
user highlights some text, chooses the encryption option from Services,
and gets ASCII armored text as an output.  Using a web browser and
webmail, the user could do the same operation and get the same result.
It is not dependent on which program the Service menu is accessed from.
 No switching between programs is required while doing this, nor having
to consciously run the program whose "services" are being used.  You can
read more about it Wikipedia. [1]

> FWIW, no, with a good e-mail plugin you don't have to copy-paste
> anything to different windows. That's not a nice interface at all.

Correct.  He is just using it the hard way. ;-)  This "First Steps"
tutorial should be the way to go. [2]




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