(OT) gpgme-sharp API missing

Alexander Strobel Alexander.Strobel at giepa.de
Tue Apr 26 10:20:37 CEST 2016

Am 25.04.2016 um 15:07 schrieb MFPA:
>> Strangely enough, even until today it does not show
>> up in my inbox...
> If the same applies to all three of your messages, I suggest checking 
> your subscription options at 
> <https://lists.gnupg.org/mailman/listinfo/gnupg-users>. You might have 
> the option to receive a copy of your own posts turned off.

Thank you for the hint.
It was a problem with this single email only. All other emails showed up
in the past.

Best regards
 Alex Strobel

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