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>On 27/04/16 16:48, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>>> What is the matter with top posting? 
>> A: Yes.  Just not top-posting.
>> Q: Are both allowed here?
>> A: Quote a few lines, write your response to those few lines,
>> quote a few lines, write your response, and so on. This is
>> called inline-posting. Q: What if it's a long message?
>> A: Quote as much of the material as you need for context,
>> place it at the top of the message, and write your response
>> beneath it. This is called bottom-posting.
>> Q: So what should I do instead?
>> A: Normally the stuff preceding text is relevant to what
>> comes after it. When you top-post, the following text is
>> relevant to what precedes it. It's reversed.
>> Q: What do you mean?
>> A: It reverses the usual flow of reading.
>> Q: What's the problem with top-posting?
>I am SO going to shamelessly steal this.

Everyone is going to steal this.

It should probably be released under a Creative Commons license.

Mike Yetto
The only good part of April Fool's Day is that it shows people
what it's like to be a skeptic the rest of the year."
 - Phil Plait
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