Jerry jerry at
Thu Apr 28 12:07:15 CEST 2016

On Thu, 28 Apr 2016 11:26:52 +0200, Matthias Apitz stated:

>Speaking more technically, the problem is that 'modern' MUA, like
>OutLook crap, thunderbird or other browser-like MUA do not invite to
>post and quote correctly. They put the cursor above the first line
>(sometimes you can not even configure this, and also not the correct
>citation with '> ') and they do not provide the required
>tools/commands to trim the old text, i.e. for example delete 150 lines
>with just saying '150dd' or '.,$-20d' or others. In these 'modern' MUA
>you must carefully place the cursor with the mouse, highlight even
>more carefully the text you want to delete, and doing this with the
>limitation of a smartphone is really a PITA.

I use "claws-mail" and all I have to do is highlight the text I want to
reply to. If there is something I still want to eliminate, I just
highlight it and delete it. Now. if I had to start counting
characters, lines, etcetera and entering cryptic code to remove said
items, that would be a PITA. I rarely use a smart phone to respond to
an email. And if I do, I have discovered that it is possible to delete
unnecessary text AND position the new text at the bottom of the

By the way, I have also discovered that you can do the exact same thing
in MS Outlook. I don't use "Thunderbird" so I cannot comment on its
features or deficiencies.


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