gpg and smartcard on ubuntu 16.04

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Apr 28 13:10:10 CEST 2016

On 28/04/16 12:45, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> Perhaps you could just add the gpg-connect-agent call to the
> if-ssh-support conditional, and it would be purrfect. I will try that
> now and see if everything stays peachy.

At a first glance, it seems to work with the attached version. On a cold
boot, the agent is running and listening for SSH when I login. When I
unlock a smartcard with the PIN, logout, and log back in, the smartcard
is still unlocked (and the original agent running). While this may not
be very expected, it is not related to logging *in* but rather to
logging *out*, in my opinion. I don't readily know how to do something
on logout.



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: ${GNUPGHOME=$HOME/.gnupg}

if grep -qs '^[[:space:]]*enable-ssh-support' "${GNUPGHOME}/gpg-agent.conf"; then
    export SSH_AUTH_SOCK
    # Start the agent if it's not already running
    gpg-connect-agent /bye

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