[Sks-devel] [Announcement] SKS 1.1.6 Released

Jeffrey Johnson n3npq at me.com
Tue Aug 9 05:00:29 CEST 2016

>> what if they weren't set, sks was upgraded, and the database wasn't
>> rebuilt?  what sort of failures should server operators expect?
> Errors loading BDB environment / starting SKS.

A couple of nitpicks, peripheral to BDB, specific to SKS, related to pagesize:

The sampleConfig/sksconf.typical file includes these lines:

	# KDB/key               65536
	pagesize:                       128
	# KDB/keyid             32768
	keyid_pagesize:                 64

    1) The naming of “pagesize” (likely BDB hysterical naming) does not
    follow the other table(s) naming: one would expect “key_pagesize”.

    2) There is no “keyid_pagesize”. In fact, if you set that variable,
    then sks fails to run with an obscure error. (there’s likely a different
    config variable name in the sources, haven’t looked).

The second failure is seen iff sksconf is in the current directory when running sks_build.sh.

Which brings up another another nitpick: if trying to set per-table pagesize using
sksconf, then a warning message might be useful if the current directory does *NOT*
contain a valid sksconf.

(aside: note-to-self)
There is likely a way to change pagesize without having to reload from a dump. I’ll
see if I can dig out the details. todo++.


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