[Resend] Assistance with decryption failure, gpg unable to find secret key that actually exists

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Tue Aug 16 22:39:11 CEST 2016

Apologies, I sent the previous email to the list before I finished typing
it (and I didn't have the undo send option enabled)! Please disregard that
email and my apologies for any inconvenience.

Actually intended text:


I am currently having an issue with decrypting a simple text file encrypted
by gpg using a key pair that I was able to successfully import (including
the private key). The key material in the secret key packet is unencrypted
to keep things simple. Despite both the public and private keys being
present when I list them with gpg --list-keys and gpg --list-secret-keys, I
receive the following error messages when trying to decrypt:

gpg: public key decryption failed: Wrong secret key used
gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

The key IDs in the --list-keys outputs match between the private and public
keys. As much as I can determine, the output from gpg --list-packets on the
key file matches what is outlined in the packet formats described in the
RFC 4880. The file I am trying to decrypt was encrypted with gpg. I am
confident in a lack of syntax errors when typing in the commands.

Unfortunately, the debug flags haven't seemed to provide anything useful.
While I assume there is an issue with the key packet construction that
prevents gpg from understanding where the key material starts/ends, I can't
figure out what the issue is.

Any assistance on gathering more information would be much appreciated and
I am happy to provide any interesting details. Thank you for your time in
this matter :)

Much Appreciated,
Josh Schaeffer
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