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Lachlan Gunn lachlan at twopif.net
Wed Aug 17 16:53:09 CEST 2016

Le 18 août 2016 00:09, "Andrew Gallagher" <andrewg at andrewg.com> a écrit :
> Parcimonie already exists. But it's an optional extra that most people
> don't install (or even know of). People shouldn't be expected to
> install or configure extras before they have a (safely) usable system.

I coincidentally am working on a daemon to do this, actually a superset of
what Parcimonie does.   Significantly though it shouldn't need Tor or Perl
for basic functionality, so running it in the background on a Windows
machine in a corporate network will at least be vaguely plausible with a
reasonably-sized executable. If anyone has feature requests for such a
thing then I'd be interested to hear.

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