Decryption failed: No secret key found (Please help !)

Hariharan Shweta HariharanShweta at
Thu Aug 18 08:22:39 CEST 2016

Hi Team,

We have setup the entire GnuPG software along with the keys in our Linux server. We are able to encrypt our message and send it to our vendor. even our vendor is able to decrypt it at their end. But we are not able to decrypt the message sent by the vendor to us.

We tried decrypting the error from OS level . this is the error we got -

root at ldxsap23: ~/.gnupg

# gpg -v -v --decrypt /basis/home/sh34191/PYRESULT_KS_20160728192815.csv.pgp


:pubkey enc packet: version 3, algo 16, keyid D0D64F4A31743B64

        data: [2045 bits]

        data: [2047 bits]

gpg: public key is 31743B64

:pubkey enc packet: version 3, algo 16, keyid 4D5FEB7E55572F4B

        data: [2047 bits]

        data: [2042 bits]

gpg: public key is 55572F4B

:encrypted data packet:

        length: unknown

        mdc_method: 2

gpg: encrypted with ELG key, ID 55572F4B

gpg: encrypted with ELG key, ID 31743B64

gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

After checking the error logs, I found that the public key in the above mentioned log does not match our vendor's key number . So, I'm not sure if this value changes in the process or encryption/decryption or the error is something different. I really need your help in resolving this.

These are my vendor's key
pub   1024D/85093D7F 2011-12-22
uid                  gvqua01 (xxxxxxxx) <xxxx at<mailto:xxxx at>>

sub   2048g/CF00F368 2011-12-22

these are the libraries and their corresponding versions we have installed in our server. Please help us out here.


GnuPG stable  2.0.30

libgpg -error 1.23

libgcrypt 1.6.5

libksba 1.3.4

Libassuan 2.4.2

pth 2.0.7

zlib 1.2.8

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