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I have an issue that I just cannot figure out.  What I'm trying to do is move a file between two organizations using two different transports while encrypting the file.  On one side they use ipswitch movit to encrypt the file and post it to a sftp site.  Then from my end I use camel to pick up the file, decrypt it and place it where it needs to go internally.  What I have done is generate a key pair with GPG and have given the other company my public key to encrypt with as well as imported the key rings into Camel.

They post the encrypted file and when my camel process pull is down I get the error "exception creating cipher".
If I manually pull down the file I can decrypt it fine with GPG.
If I encrypt a test file with my own public key and feed it to Camel it decrypts fine.

This is where I think the problem is but I can't figure out a way to prove it.  When I generated the key pair with GPG, it created a primary and secondary keys.  Primary has usage set to SC and secondary set to E.  When I look at the file they sent me, it's encrypted with the primary key.  That file fails in the camel process but is successful in a manual GPG decyption process.  When I encrypt a file with GPG it uses the secondary key and I can decrypt it with Camel or manually with GPG.  I have a suspicion that is the cause but I can't test it.  I can't find anyway to force the primary key to encrypt and I can't figure out how to generate a key pair without secondary keys in it.  Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?  The secondary party is not helpful and they are using their standard process with moveit to encrypt it and aren't likely to change that, especially if I can't prove that's what's wrong.

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