Attacks on encrypted communicxatiopn rising in Europe

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> (German), the German and French government are attacking the right to
> encrypt communication of their serfs. Also because of their violent

Despite their common declaration to do something against the "evil" of
encryption, the French and the German texts of that declaration differ!
The German version does not ask for laws to introduced backdoors or key
escrow.  See the (German) article at Netzpolitik [1].

The German minister of the interior pushes for a federal agency as a
central organization to develop and deploy the "federal trojan".  What
they want are _targeted_ attacks on confidential communication.  They
know very well that backdoors, as requested by the French, are a bad

Whether the current German rules on when and how constitutional rights
on privacy can lawfully be suspended are still in compliance with the
constitution is a different question.



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