Attacks on encrypted communicxatiopn rising in Europe

Johan Wevers johanw at
Wed Aug 24 16:18:15 CEST 2016

On 24-08-2016 15:17, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

>>> 	2.  If yes, why should we listen to you?
>> The child porn excuse is used too often...
> But this doesn't answer my question.
> Why should we listen to a privacy absolutist?

Why would we listen to anyone for that matter?

>> You can try - someone might have used a weak password, wrote it down
>> somewhere or made another mistake. Or can be pressured into telling it
>> (the famous $5 wrench comes to mind here).
> Wait, wait, wait.
> You're opposed to *any* kind of privacy circumvention... but you're okay
> with torture?

No I'm not, it was only an example that current western governments are
considering (however, they are applying the more moderate "lock him up
until he talks"). In hindsight it was a bit ill-formatted to put it
between the methods I did agree with. I'm OK with technical attacks, I
am firmly against obligations to talk or pressuring people to talk with
torture, prison terms or fines.

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