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On Tue, 30 Aug 2016 20:12, rjh at said:

> Most of our users don't run their own domains, don't have full
> authority over the mail server, and don't have webservers that can

"Most of our users" are not the target audience for the description on
how to setup the Web Key Service.  Obviously this is for sysadmins and
geeks running their own mail servers.

Larger mail providers will probably have their own idea on whether and
how to setup this service - for all their users.  There will be a lot of
lobbying necessary to convince the large providers to install this
system.  We can only get end to end encryption in mass use if we are
able to solve the problem of getting the right key (initially).  I hope
that the more privacy aware providers will step forward to show the
larger ones that it is possible to make encryption really easy.

> IMO, GnuPG development should be guided by a concern for regular
> users, not power users.  I'd like it if we could aim new features at

Right.  The article should help early adopters to setup the system for
experimentation and private use and to help us to make it well working.



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