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On Thu,  1 Dec 2016 03:54, rjh at said:
> For long and boring reasons I need to be able to call GPGME from
> Microsoft Visual C++.  The MSVC linker requires .lib files, which are
> not shipped with GnuPG.  That's okay: the procedure to make them is

The gnupg 2.1 installer actually installs all header files as well as
the the .lib files (look for *.imp).  Note that the -11 suffix is not
used with the imp files.  If you are using glib or gtk+ make sure to
link against libgpgme-glib.imp. 

> My sample code runs just fine on OS X and Linux, incidentally, so I
> doubt the problem is with it.  (If people want to see it just to make

  set GPGME_DEBUG=9;c:/temp/gpgme.log

and then look at the log file.  It will show you where it looks for
gnupg.  The code in gpgme works even for gnupg 1.4 but it prefers gnupg

Did you install gpgme-w32spawn.exe alongside gpgme-11.dll ?  This
wrapper is required due to pecularities of Windows' CreateProcess API.



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