An attempt at backporting 2.1.16 from Debian sid to Debian jessie

Stephan Beck stebe at
Thu Dec 8 21:42:00 CET 2016

Teemu Likonen:
> Peter Lebbing [2016-12-08 18:12:50+01] wrote:
>> I forked the Debian git repo for GnuPG 2.1 [1], and had a go at what
>> was primarily the reversal of the changes introduced by 2.1.11-7+exp1.
>> You can find the result at GitLab at [2].
> Thanks. I'm not brave enough to try it yet. I wonder what is the status
> of official backport. There's a Debian bug report about that:

A few days ago, I successfully updated to 2.1.16 on my Debian Stretch
installation, watching how gpg (1.4.20something) was being replaced with
2.1.16, so I don't see the real need for a forced coexistence of the two
(or three) versions on Jessie. Maybe I'll cast a glance at it, though.



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