Strange behaviour

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at
Sun Dec 11 18:30:30 CET 2016

On 11 Dec 2016 at 13:40, NdK wrote:

> I think it could even be realated to some HW issue. Are fans clean?

Yes, and all temperatures are under monitoring

> Are capacitors OK? Electrolytic ones, the tall cylinders, often
> tend to "explode": they usually have an 'X' on the top and that
> should be flat and clean, else the capacitor is surely bad. 

I did not especially look for (visually) bad ones, when I had the 
laptop open last time for cleaning the fan (it is an HP EliteBook 
8740w). But maybe I will have a deeper look on these guys the next 
time... Normally I would say, the laptop is still too young for dead 

> Did you run a RAM test? And a CPU test? 

I will start at least a deeper RAM test maybe tonight (or in the 
morning.. :-/ or if I don't need the laptop for the necessary 
hours.... 8GB....)


PS.: Resent to list as first reply was only at NdK. sorry for 

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