Strange behaviour

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at
Mon Dec 12 00:41:47 CET 2016

On 11 Dec 2016 at 20:43, Stephan Beck wrote:

> I'm truly interested in receiving such log files to have a look
> into it myself, but the list may be interested as well. If there was
> really something "special" about (precisely) my signatures, as you
> say, I'd be eager to know, check and take appropriate measures.
> Whereas you can live with the fact. 

I will activate logging in PMail (in GPGRelay it is already running) 
and post it (as zipped attachment would be fine?... I just need to 
purge the passwords in the logfiles...).
How can I start the most verbose logging from GnuPG itself (gpg.conf 

Please let me a few days time for this stuff, because the GnuPG 
problem itself has currently no show-stopper priority (other 
stuff must be done.... some printed wired board layouts ready before 
Xmas, my main business...)


> Ah, and I'd urgently recommend to revoke (or have expired) at least
> the 1024 bit subkey for encryption, as it's obsolete (for some years
> now).
OK, these keys are rather old... I think I prefer expire (.. a bit 
afraid of making some mistakes with revokation stuff and then messing 
up the whole keys....) The remainig subkey (2048 bit RSA) should be 
fine for encryption?

Fingerprint: 6563 057D E6B8 9105 1CE4 18D0 4056 1F54 8B59 40EF

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