Recording keysigning attendants on phone (was: Hybrid keysigning party, your opinion?)

Lachlan Gunn lachlan at
Mon Dec 12 06:35:37 CET 2016

Le 2016-12-08 à 22:30, Stephan Beck a écrit :
> Yes, to your first question. How you would do that via the
> hash-on-the-projector method, is not clear to me, though. Would that be
> for generating the (initial) list of the organizers as in Sassaman
> Efficient (as an additional service for people using cell phones or
> tablets)? Or wouldn't there be any paper copy at the event?
> Sorry, for questions that might seem obvious to you.

Yes, sorry.  There wouldn't be any paper copy, which might be a problem,
unless you have a printer available to produce printed copies on demand
which can be checked later.

The idea is to allow people to add themselves to the list right up until
the last minute, then someone cuts the ribbon, the system emails it to
everyone and displays it on the projector, and they all follow either
the standard Sassaman method or Peter's hybrid one.


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